Having Pain with Your Pregnancy? Portland Chiropractor, Dr. Jess Barr Desbrow, DC Offers Pregnancy-Specific and Newborn Care

Dr. Desbrow offers pregnancy pain relief, structural alignment to allow for the easiest possible delivery, and gentle care for the new baby and mom. Chiropractic is a safe and affordable path for pain relief during pregnancy. She uses pregnancy-specific equipment, tables and techniques for comfort and effective, gentle care.

Portland, OR, November 12, 2008–Does being constantly uncomfortable for many months on end just come with being pregnant? Dr. Jess Barr Desbrow, DC says “No Way!” Should every new mom suffer the back and shoulder pain that goes with nursing and carrying their newborn? “Of course not”, she smiles. Can Chiropractic care during pregnancy actually set the body up for an easier labor and birth? “Absolutely”, nods Desbrow.

Dr. Desbrow specializes in the treatment of pregnant women. They come to her to alleviate the pains and stresses their growing bodies are suffering. “Most often, pregnant women come to me with pain around the joints of their pelvis, frequently in the front, just below the baby, at the pubic symphysis”.

There are three joints of the pelvis. Two in the back, where we can see little dimples at the low back above the buttocks, and one right in the middle in the front, at the pubic bone- which is easy to feel on oneself. “ In order for the body to prepare itself for delivery, it releases hormones that increase joint elasticity, so that the baby is more able to travel and stretch its way through the pelvis”, states Desbrow, “as joints begins to stretch, they can easily become misaligned and cause a great deal of pain”.

Regarding her patients, Dr. Desbrow shares, “if it’s not pain in the front, the next most common are sciatica (radiating pain into the buttocks or legs), low back pain, and pain between the shoulder blades”. As the center of gravity shifts the weight forward, the spine must adapt and conform, often unwillingly. “An increased low back curve, and pain there, arises as the belly grows, and the mid-back discomfort comes with swollen breasts pulling it forward along with all the stressful new mothering postures”. Dr. Desbrow also offers specific care, using the Webster Technique, that may even help a breech baby flip.

“I have this great table that allows women, even at full pregnancy, to lay face down…ah, the joy- they never want to get up!” Desbrow laughs. “By ensuring spinal and pelvic alignment, relaxing taut muscles, and teaching stretches and exercises for home, not only can we minimize current discomfort, but we are also preparing the body for the easiest possible delivery by not having any unnecessary torque on the spine, pelvis or uterus”. Dr. Desbrow states that even though she focuses on alleviating the woman’s discomfort, her bodywork is always concentrated on preparing for a great childbirth.

But Dr. Desbrow does not just quit once the baby is born. She also offers craniosacral work for newborns, which uses very gentle work to eliminate any structural stresses the baby underwent during birth. “Barring serious accidents, childbirth is likely to be the greatest trauma one will ever undergo… by ensuring proper alignment of the bones of the skull and spine, the nervous system can be saved a lifetime of compensating”.

“More and more, alternative health care practitioners are offering hands-on techniques to alleviate the pains of pregnancy. It is nice to go to an office that specializes in this population to assure the greatest comfort and safety for the woman”, Desbrow conveys. Pregnancy and childbirth will forever be the most precious and miraculous moments one could experience, so it is good to know there are resources to allow us to most enjoy them.